Towsley Canyon Loop Trail, filmed and reviewed by Jim Bernstein
Review Date: 12/12/2018
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Fun Factor:2 Star Rating: Recommended Technical:3 Star Recommended

Santa Clarita, CA has some decent riding in general but at the same time it gets really hot and dry out there during the summer and even beyond making climbing trails a little less appealing. There is a popular area called Towsley Canyon that offers a trail that can be ridden as a loop. The loop is only 5 miles long and you will climb about 1,000 feet in the process.

You can ride the loop either direction but are better off riding it counter clockwise to make the climb easier. Regardless of the way you go there will be an uphill climb and then a downhill descent. For the most part the trail is singletrack and there is some tree coverage for shade along the way. One thing you will notice is how popular the trail is with hikers so be prepared to see many along the way.

There is also another trail that cuts through the loop if you want a little extra riding. Once again it will be up and then down no matter which way you go and going either way is about the same amount of fun so take your pick. This trail is called the Canyon View Trail.

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Towsley Canyon Loop Review

Unless you are a fan of climbing, you might not like this trail because the climb is a little rough even though its only 1,000 feet. If its a hot day then you will definitely be feeling it especially when you hit those 20% grade sections. And if it's a weekend then there will be a lot of hikers to squeeze by and therefore you should be getting some dirty looks!

The ride down is pretty fun but not really too exciting. There are some nice turns and some rocky sections near the bottom but with all of the other people around don't plan on going super fast on the downhill section. Even if you go during the week you can expect to see enough people that it takes away from the fun. So make sure you have your bell ringing so you don't end up surprising and scaring anyone because nobody likes that!

If you live in the area or are close by its worth doing just to check it out but I wouldn't make a long drive to do this ride, especially since its only 5 miles. You can add in another couple of miles if you do the Canyon View Trail as well since its right there


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Directions to the Towsley Canyon Loop Trail

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To get to the Towsley Canyon Loop Trail you will need to make your way to Santa Clarita on the 5 freeway. If you are coming from the south you will take exit 166 for Calgrove Blvd. and then continue on Calgrove Blvd. which turns into The Old Rd. If you are coming from the north you will also take exit 166 for Calgrove Blvd. and then turn right onto Calgrove Blvd which turns into The Old Rd. The park will be on your right hand side and there will be available parking as well.

Here is the official address.

Ed Davis Park at Towsley Canyon
24255 The Old Rd.
Newhall, CA 91381

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