Nowadays you have many choices when it comes to pretty any mountain bike component you can think of. Actually there are too many choices so it's best if you just find something that works for you and not worry about if it's the best thing out there. When it comes to mountain bike pedals choosing the right one is something you want to make sure to do since that's what will be transferring the power from your legs to your bike.
Xpedo Spry Pedals
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Review Date: 06/19/2015
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4 Star Rating: Recommended
Of course there is the debate over clipless vs. flat pedals but that's a story for another day. If you are a flat pedal rider the main things you want to look for in a pedal is grip and platform size. But a couple of other things to consider are weight, durability and profile size. Now there are many pedal manufacturers out there but one that you may have not heard of before is called Xpedo and they have been in the pedal business for over 30 years and make a pedal for pretty much any type of riding.

One of their more popular mountain bike pedals is called the Spry because they offer a nice sized platform, decent grip and most of all because they are very light. In fact a set comes in at only 260 grams with the pins. So if you are a weight weenie that likes to use flat pedals then this might be the set for you. And if you are a color matching weenie then they come in various colors including black, white, gold, red and silver. The Spry pedals also have a low profile design which helps to keep them from getting beat up from hitting rocks. The platform is a decent size and has 14 pins to help grip your shoes. The pedals even come with some extra pins in case you break some off. They feature a magnesium body and ChoMo spindle and measure in at 106x100x11 mm.

We have been using a set of these pedals for quite some time now and they are holding up pretty good. They can take a hit on the rocks without falling apart although the paint seems to scratch off pretty easily but the pins are staying intact. The platform size is pretty good but it would be nice if they were a touch larger. They are definitely lighter than the Deity pedals they replaced and offer about the same grip. When it comes to grip, your shoes will make just as much difference as the pedals and we have tried them with both the Specialized 2FO and FiveTen Freeride shoes and both work well with the FiveTens offering better grip with these pedals. If you want a really grippy flat pedal check out the e*thirteen LG1+ pedals.

Overall the Xpedo Sprys are very nice pedals for the price and should do the trick for most flat pedal riders. A set of these will run you around $80 which is not too bad compared to other pedals on the market so if you buy them and they are not what you are looking for its not too much of a loss.

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